All over New York over the last year our clients have raved over their discounts. Here are just a few satisfied clients:


S.N., Woodmere, NY – “While in contract to purchase our new house in Woodmere, we were recommended by our insurance agent to contact NY Flood for an elevation certificate. What a great investment that was, our rate dropped by almost 75%. to under $1,000.”


M.B., Far Rockaway, NY – “I contacted NY Flood in early April and scheduled a field visit for April 15. Within a week, NY Flood contacted me and sent me my elevation certificate. After submitting it to my insurance company, I received a $1,325 refund of my annual premium in addition to my premium remaining at the new lower level for the future.”


T.H., Lawrence , NY – “Thanks to NY Flood, I am now paying $1500 less per year for flood insurance.”


J.Z., Inwood, NY – “After paying around $1800 a year for the last few years for flood insurance, my insurance agent reached out to me and gave me NY Flood’s number saying they had helped some of my neighbors drastically lower their flood insurance premium. Sure enough, after contacting NY Flood and having an elevation certificate done, my rate went down by over $1,000 a year.”


K.S., Staten Island – “Thanks for helping lower my flood insurance from $2,500 annual premium to $800.”


M.G., Far Rockaway, NY – “After signing a contract to purchase a new home, we were pricing out homeowners insurance and were informed by both the bank and insurance company that we were required to carry flood insurance. Upon receiving a quote of $1,871 we almost lost our mortgage due to the extra  $155 monthly payment. Our insurance rep recommended calling NY Flood and evaluating our property for elevation certificates. NY Flood got our rate down to $559, enabling us to get our mortgage and buy our house. THANK YOU NY FLOOD.”


S.G., Woodmere, NY – “After 20 years, we decided to sell our house and by a house one block away. Boy were we surprise to learn that we now had to pay flood insurance even though we were further from the water. After researching flood insurance, we stumbled on NY Flood’s website. They were so helpful guiding us through the process from start to finish. To make matters even better, they saved us over $1,000 a year.”


S.K., Far Rockaway, NY – “I own a house in Far Rockaway since 2004. I have paid on annual basis almost $2,000 in flood insurance. My neighbor told me to call NY Flood to see if I was eligible for savings with an elevation certificate. NY Flood was very helpful and guided me through the process, explaining every step of the way. I now pay just under $600 a year – $1,400 a year in savings.”


A.T., Bayswater, NY – “We were so excited to buy a house in Bayswater right near the water till we discovered all the additional costs like flood insurance. Thanks to NY Flood the cost was bearable and instead of being $4,000 or more, it was just under $1,000.”